Visitor rules

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Nature reserve Zeller See

Dos and dont's

Dos and don'ts in the Nature reserve Zeller See

You should absolutely visit the Zeller See nature reserve. We just ask you to respect some rules, ensuring the permanent diversity and uniqueness of this sensitive area!

Enjoy nature with respect

The marsh and wetlands may seem unimpressive. But they are a habitat for rare and endangered plants and animals. For many of these creatures, this area is one of the last havens.

Please stay on the official paths, especially in the critical period for ground-nesting birds in the spring and summer!

In the most sensitive time signs are attached to the entrances to the sanctuary, reminding you to behave with particular care and consideration.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I stay out of the meadows?

Walking into the wetland and meadows means to step directly into the living room of wild animals such as ground-breeding birds, insects and also endangered plants. What can happen?

  • You are destryoing their nests and eggs by trampling on it.
  • The birds leave their clutch unprotected and do not dare to go back.
  • You stop these birds from caring about their eggs and chicks.

An unthoughtful step can destroy so much. Please think about it and help us, to protect and improve this shrinking habitat in our country for rare and endangered animals and plants. Thank you!

My dog needs room to run around!

Animal lovers like you as a dog owner will understand that an unleashed running dog displaces birds and wildlife in panic. The birds try to "mislead" the dog and distract your pet from their nest or young chicks. Eggs and chicks are often left defenseless for too long. They are exposed to the sun or rain. In the worst case the adult birds do not return to their nests and give up breeding. But that is not what you intended, isn't it?

You can unleash your pet in a special fenced-in dog park next to the Erlberg swimming beach.


Where can I take a swim?

A refreshing sip in the water of Lake Zell is definitely worth ist. Please note, that swimming is not allowed in the Nature Sanctuary (Seekanal as well). You can go to Erlberg swimming beach and enjoy the natural swimming zone as well as the lawn and sanitation. The adjoining reed zone to the west still belongs to the nature reserve and must not be entered. This area is the nursery for many birds and fish.

Boat, Surfing & Co

The reed zones may not be navigated by boats, surfboards and other floating devices. You will find appropriate rules for kite surfers displayed on Erlberg swimming beach / Haus Gabi. Please follow these rules in terms of nature conservation and species protection!