WiesenKönigReich Zell am See


Colorful jewels fly over the meadows and fallow land, the sanctuary being a paradise for butterflies. More than 30 species are recorded, half of them being on the Red list of Salzburg, thus endangered.

The caterpillars of the Bog Fritillary feed on the leaves of bistort, growing in the meager cabbage-thistle meadows and moist pastures with golden oat grass. In Austria Boloria eunomia is endangered, though in our sanctuary you will find it abundant.

In Meadows with Purple Moor Grass we can find the Devil’s bit Scabious which is also an important food plant. The Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary Boloria selene feeds on it from May to September, while its caterpillars use several species of violet as food plants as well.

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